16'' X 11'' x 11 '' (6/64 oz bottle

Frozen Lime Margarita concentrate. This mix is a delicious blend of lime flavors. Our mixes are made with real fruit juice which gives the drink concentrates a fresh taste. There is not a ''syrupy'' , ''too sweet'' or bitter aftertaste. It is truly tasty. We drink it every chance we get! Strictly for business purposes only....of course!

This frozen drink mix comes by the case. There are 6 64 oz (1/2 gallon) plastic containers per case. Each bottle of concentrate is a 7:1 dilution ratio which yields 4 gallons of drinkable product per container. This frozen drink mixture dilutes with water. All of our frozen drink mix is great as a slush with no alcohol. Or you can add Tequila (We prefer Gold Tequila) for great adult beverages. The 4 gallon yield equals 64 8 oz frozen slushes or 77 8 oz Frozen Margaritas when you add the alcohol.

Clear instructions are on each label.

½ Gallon (64 oz) of Margarita Mix (7:1 Ratio)
3.5 Gallons (448 oz) of Water
3 Liters (101.44 oz) of Tequila

Makes about 70 10 oz drinks w/liquor

(combine 2 of our best selling mixes to make this tasty concoction)

¼ Gallon (32 oz) of Lemon/Lime Margarita Mix (7:1)
¼ Gallon (32 oz) of Strawberry Daiquiri Mix (7:1)
3.5 Gallons (448 oz) of Water
3 Liters (101.44 oz) of Tequila

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