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FABY Frozen Drink Machines
A Great Granita Machine at a Great Price!

Why should you buy a Faby (CAB) Frozen Drink Machine?
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*****YELLOW FABY 1,2 and 3 head Currently Not Available*****

Frozen Drink Madness sells USED frozen drink equipment, margarita machines, daiquiri, slush, granita


Frequently Asked Questions about Faby (CAB) Frozen Drink Machines

You have Questions... We have Answers !

1. What is so great about a Faby (CAB)Frozen Drink Machine?

2. How does the Faby granita machine compare to the Bunn Ultra II Gourmet Ice System or the Carpigiani frozen drink machine?

3. How long is the warranty?

4. Why should we buy a Faby Margarita Machine from Frozen Drink Madness®?

5. Does the Faby Frozen Drink Machine need a waterline?

6. Do the Faby Margarita Machines you sell also make smoothies, slushes and other kinds of Frozen Drinks?

7. If I have a problem with my Faby can I contact you directly?

8. Can you help me find a service technician in my town?

9. Do you have any used Faby frozen drink machines?

10. Is the Faby frozen beverage machine good for commercial and home use?

1. A: What makes Faby a good machine? It is easy to operate and keep clean. It has a style that is a party waiting to happen. The Faby frozen drink machine is well priced and has a good performance record.

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2. A:The Bunn Ultra II slush machine is American made. Carpigiani (Coldelite or Sencotel) & Faby (CAB) frozen drink machines are made in Italy. The Faby granita machine has its control panel on the side of the machine. The Faby makes a consistently good frozen drink mix product.

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3. A:The warranty is a full 1-year parts only warranty.
See the product manual for additional details.

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4. A:Why should you buy a Faby (CAB) Frozen Drink Machine or Margarita Machine from Frozen Drink Madness®? Simply put, We provide friendly, courteous, quality service to our customers. We sell frozen drink equipment and frozen drink mix at a fair price. We want you to be a repeat customer so we treat you with respect. Actually, Frozen Drink Madness® treats our customers like we want to be treated when we shop for products. If you have a problem, you can call us. Unlike a lot of dealers out there, we repair and rebuild frozen drink equipment. Wouldn't you rather buy from someone who knows exactly how they work?

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5. A: No, the Faby (CAB) Frozen Drink Machines do not need or require a waterline. The Faby frozen drink machines are simple to operate. Our slush machines just need our quality and tasty ChillyFruit® or Frozen Drink Madness® brand frozen drink mix which is formulated specifically for frozen drink machines.

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6. A: Yes, the Faby Frozen Drink Machines make many different types of drinks. The type of drink you make depends on the type of frozen drink mix you put in the Faby frozen drink equipment. You add our yummy ChillyFruit® brand frozen slush smoothie mix or Frozen Drink Madness® brand frozen cocktail mix, then plug the Faby margarita machine in, turn it to freeze and it will make a delicious smoothie, slush, margarita, daiquiri, rum runner, lemonade and any other frozen drink you can think of.

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7. A:Absolutely! We at Frozen Drink Madness® pride ourselves on quality customer service. We want you to give us a call with a problem. If you are located in another part of the country, we will be glad to diagnose your problem and help you find someone locally to service your machine. Many times we can educate you enough so that you know if the service technician is doing a good job and telling you the truth.

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8. A: Sure we can. We'll help you find a qualified service technician in your area that works on Faby (CAB) equipment.

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9. A: We periodically have used Faby frozen drink equipment. You can contact MARLA in Nashville, TN or RANDY in Dallas, TX to see if we currently have any in stock.

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10. A: Yes, the Faby frozen drink machine is great for both home and commercial applications.

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